Simple, Clean, Sophisticated.

autogallery is a simple, minimalistic Joomla gallery module with automation being a key focus on functionality.

The extension reads all image files from a specified image directory and turns them into a gallery for you complete with Lightbox style enlargement, captions, grouping pagination, and its all automatic!

Do you need to categorize your images? no problem! autogallery will also read any sub directories in the specified folder and turn them into an album/category for you.

Click the button below to view a demo of how autogallery works.

See it in Action!

Compatible with Joomla : 2.53.x


Although simple and minimalistic in it's display, autogallery is packed full of features turning it into a powerful Joomla extension.

  • Categories

    Categories & Subcategories

    autogallery supports up to 2 levels in directory structure. You can categorize your photos and also sub-categorize them.

  • Youtube

    Youtube support

    Youtube videos are also supported! thumbnails are automatically generated and all you need to do is provide the video code.

  • Responsive


    These days almost every website is responsive. To help you write a little less CSS code, autogallery is also responsive.

  • Colorbox Styles

    Colorbox Styles

    autogallery uses Colorbox to display full view images with up to 5 default themes to choose from.

  • Configurable


    Don't need the default CSS or jQuery loaded? No problem! autogallery features vital parameters you will be able to configure and more.

  • Paginated


    Have more than a few images? autogallery also features jQuery pagination to provide for the best experience for your website visitors.

  • Speed


    Although all images are loaded at once, alternating category/album views and pages are all jQuery driven meaning speed.

  • Module Based

    Module Based

    autogallery was created as a Joomla Module to allow for maximum flexiblity in placing and positioning the gallery anywhere on your website.

See it in Action!

Toggle your albums views by clicking on the category above the gallery. Also check out the youtube category to see how video embedding works!


Jooomla Module Configuraton

Not packed full of configuration parameters but enough to make this gallery suit your needs, from toggling jQuery load to colorbox theme to pagination limits.

Image Directory tree

Look how simple setting up the gallery can be. Just create your required folder structure under images and start uploading your images. autogallery will take care of the rest.

Download autogallery v1.3

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